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Biro Komunikasi dan Informasi Publik - Saturday, 26 June 2010
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(Kolaka, 06/25/2010) The operation of Sangia Ni Bandera airport located in Kolaka Region, South East Sulawesi, is officially declared by Vice Minister for Transportation Bambang Susantono on Friday, June 25, 2010. The airport will serve Kolaka-Makassar-Kolaka route  with connecting flight to Jakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar, Palu, Gorontalo and Manado. The plane that will serve the route is ATR72-500 with capacity 72 pasenggers which is belongs to Wings Air, the only airline of the airport. Previously, Regency Government Kolaka, through Kolaka Regent, Buhari Matta and PT. Wings Airlines have signed MoU about the operational of the airport.

In his speech, the Vice Minister said, the Government warmly welcomed the opening of the airport, which was self-funded by the local government. According to the Vice Minister, this was a good example of synergy between Central Government, Local Government, Private Sector and Society.

“By the opening of Sangia Ni Bandera, we hope interconnectivity between regions in Indonesia as one of main programs of the government will enhance,” explained the Vice Minister.

Sangia Ni Bandera airport was built through Airport Development program named Prosperous Society Development Movement program, in which the development of the airport did not use National Budget and Region Budget. The fund of the development was from Kolaka Regional Government with local society and some private sectors, namely: PT. Antam Tbk, PT. Inco Tbk, PT. Sumber Setia Budi (SSB), PT. DRI, DJL, AMI, TRK, Bola Dunia, and Perusda.

Vice Minister for Transportation hoped, by the operation of the airport, accessibility of Kolaka become available for guests to appreciate the culture. And it could also promote Kolaka’s tourism potentials.

“Government will help this airport to add navigation support facility, so the airport will comply to flight safety and security standard requirement,” said the Vice Minister distinctly.

At the same occassion, Kolaka Regent, Buharri Matta achieved two rewards from MURI as the pioneer of society self-fund airport developer, and the fastest airport development. After the declaration, the airport would directly operate to serve passengers destination Makassar by using ATR 72-500 type airplane. (ARI/RD/R2S)